What To Know Before Visiting Penina Golf Club Algarve

Humble Beginnings

John Lennon once said, "before Elvis, there was nothing." If the Beatles front man were talking about golf in the Algarve, he might have said: "Before Henry Cotton and Penina, there was nothing." Penina was the first 18-hole course in the Algarve and the first golf resort in the region. When Henry Cotton decided he wanted to retire from professional golf and play golf in the Sun, he saw the Algarve as the perfect place to start building. The European golf tourism industry owe a lot to the vision and ambition of the former British Open winner.

Penina Today

What started as Cotton's pet project in the mid-1960's is now home to three courses; the Academy Aourse which is nine holes, the Resort Course and the Championship Course (Sir Henry’s baby). Many people make the mistake of thinking that the Academy Course is easy and end up pleasantly surprised at the stiff challenge it offers all players.

The Old and the New

Penina recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. The course retains an air of old world charm and many visitors comment that the setting feels like playing an English golf club in Berkshire or Surrey (but under a warm Sun). Tradition and elegance were Henry Cotton's hallmarks and you'll be reminded of this when you are greeted by a starter on the first tee at Penina.

Five Star Accommodation

The resort boasts a five star hotel and you can choose either a room that looks over the pool or a room that looks over the golf course. The rooms overlooking the pool cost a little more but have more activity going on at all hours. The ones overlooking the course are quieter and easier on the wallet. In general, Penina attracts an older, golf serious crowd so don't expect any discos or dancing on the tables at 2am.

Getting out and about

Alvor is the nearest town, just a short taxi ride away. The town can get lively on weekend nights so bring your dancing shoes and don't book an early tee time the next day as you don't want to play with a hangover. Getting to and from Faro Airport is not a problem as there are regular transfers. Also, there are regular shuttle bus to the beach and back everyday for those looking to get a tan.

Best Golf Tips

Golf Is All About Strategy

Considering all aspects of a golf course you’ve never played before takes a bit of time. But you will reap the rewards of that effort during play. Your final score will surprise your opponents who thought they had one up on you because of their familiarity with the course. So take the time and do your homework. Making a habit of doing so will improve your game immensely. Golf is, after all, as much about strategy as it is about skill.

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