Perfecting Your Golf Stance – Free Tutorial For Amateurs

Establishing a good golf stance is important. Having good alignment toward your target includes good stance for the play. If you can get in the habit of having good posture when setting up for the play you are off to a good start. The right stance helps ensure good balance, better ball striking ability and helps in generating good power behind the ball. This also helps in establishing good timing when coming in contact with the ball when swinging through. Here are some points on how to perfect your golf stance.

  • Create wider stance when using longer irons by roughly 3 inches. A longer iron may require a longer stance to ensure better control of the club during the swing. The golfer will have better control of clubhead movement and control through the shaft of the iron. Good control encourages smoother swing motions and creation of more distance for the ball as it goes into flight or as it moves across the green.

  • Short irons such as wedges should have a stance at roughly an inch or two less than the stance used for longer irons. A shorter stance is necessary for smaller clubs. This may include making it slightly smaller than your usual stance. Again, this is for better control of the iron but it also helps in creating shorter swing motions. In this case your backswing could go back half way instead of a full swing. This can help the ball move forward faster if you want more speed.

  • Try not to have toes pointed outward too much and keep back of your feet at a right angle. Having toes pointed outward can have the golfer standing looking like a chicken. Your legs will not be in proper position and it can feel uncomfortable. Having a right angle with your back foot (for each foot) can help you understand if your feet are in good position.

  • Flex knees slightly. There is some disagreement with this but it works to consider having some flexibility in your knees. This doesn’t mean your knees should be bent during the shot, but they should be able to move slightly as you come in and swing through.

  • Weight of your body should be spread evenly when playing most shots. When you have proper stance weight distribution will be even. You may have weight on onside that shifts to another when the shot is made but it should still be even after the shot is made.

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Golf Is All About Strategy

Considering all aspects of a golf course you’ve never played before takes a bit of time. But you will reap the rewards of that effort during play. Your final score will surprise your opponents who thought they had one up on you because of their familiarity with the course. So take the time and do your homework. Making a habit of doing so will improve your game immensely. Golf is, after all, as much about strategy as it is about skill.

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