Fundamental Golf Lessons: Your Position Off The Tee

As they say that your set up in the beginning prescribes how your ball will finish up. It implies that 70% effect on every shot occurs even before you swing the club. You need to have a good set up and you are ready to go for an effective game of golf. Having a wrong set up would never let you use your full potential. Let us see how you can improve your set up with right mechanism:

How are tee shots different from other shots?

When you set the golf ball on a tee on par 4 and par 5, the position of your ball must adjust in order to reflect that you particularly use a fairway wood or a driver on such shots. They are the only shots that you smash during the round when you are trying to come up or sweep into the ball, instead of swinging down or through at your impact. Thus, it is important that you must position your golf ball in a correct way.

Position of the ball

If you want to position the golf ball off the tee correctly, particularly with the driver, you must place the ball such that it aligns with the inner side of the left foot. Though it may look like it is quite a forward approach, it enables you to hit the golf ball upwards, that adds loft, generates more distance and reduces spin.

Right Weight

In order to make your swing to whizz the golf ball off the tee, you must balance 55% of your body weight on the right side if you are a right handed golfer. You must incline your body weight on your left if you are a left-handed player. This will slightly tilt your body backwards and help your golf ball take a good flight. Most drivers have 8 to 12 degrees of loft. However, the effective angle of launch is 13 to 16 degrees. Thus, it becomes important that you must position yourself in such a way that you are able to add slight amount of loft at the impact.

Backing Up

When you use your driver, you need to have a particular swing. While the club you employ gets shorter, the position of the ball must be moved back a little. When you are hitting with an iron, the position of the ball should be such that the club should trap, or drive into the ball instead of sweeping it off the grass.

Best Golf Tips

Golf Is All About Strategy

Considering all aspects of a golf course you’ve never played before takes a bit of time. But you will reap the rewards of that effort during play. Your final score will surprise your opponents who thought they had one up on you because of their familiarity with the course. So take the time and do your homework. Making a habit of doing so will improve your game immensely. Golf is, after all, as much about strategy as it is about skill.

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