Short Game Practice Drills From Professional Golfers

There are two things in golf that you will come to realize when you are just starting out; the long game and the short game. Each of these are important to your game, and it would be wise to make sure that you at least know how to work around either of them. By perfecting one of these types of games, it will also become easier for you to easily blend your skills into learning the other.

When you are watching some of the tournaments live on TV, you will come to realize that a lot of the players really have their game together, they are in their element when they are playing. Something like the short game is perfect for killing off a tournament and leaving your opponents with no chance of getting closer to you, at least not unless they pull the extraordinary.

If you want to learn the short game, there are some practice drills that you can work with. These drills have helped so many players become better in the past, and you can also benefit from the same. Here are some easy drills that will definitely work well for you:

  • Choose the correct clubs
  • Try to hit the wedges differently
  • Document your progress
  • Devote a lot of time to your training

Choose the correct clubs

For some reason, there are players who still do not know the kind of clubs that they should select for particular types of games. It would actually be awesome if you learned what each of your clubs is supposed to do, then work with that understanding. Always make sure that you have at least 3 wedges with you in the golf bag as you head onto the course for this game.

Try to hit the wedges differently

There are different ways you can hit the wedges. You can try the 11 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 7 o’clock patterns when hitting the wedges. This way you can easily know the number of yards that you can play on the stroke.

Document your progress

If you really want to make sure that you can get good progress going, you have to document all the changes that are taking place on the training ground. This way you can see whether you are making any progress for sure.

Devote a lot of time to your training

Do not ignore the need for training. It is important that you spend as much time as possible on the practice range, trying to become a better player.

Best Golf Tips

Golf Is All About Strategy

Considering all aspects of a golf course you’ve never played before takes a bit of time. But you will reap the rewards of that effort during play. Your final score will surprise your opponents who thought they had one up on you because of their familiarity with the course. So take the time and do your homework. Making a habit of doing so will improve your game immensely. Golf is, after all, as much about strategy as it is about skill.

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