Regripping Golf Clubs: A Complete Tutorial

There is bound to come a time when your club grip undergoes wear and tear due to extensive use. The club needs your immediate attention. You can re-grip at any golf pro-shop for a small fee or take it up as a do-it-yourself project to save money. If you’ve chosen the latter method this article will show you how to do it right.

Things you need

A bench vise to hold the club, although it’s only optional. Not everyone has a bench vise, so you can very well make do without it. A new grip of your liking and a grip tape. A knife or scissors and a grip tape scraper. A large piece of paper or plastic sheet or rag to keep the floor clean. Finally, a dry piece of cloth and the grip solvent in a bottle.

Removing the existing grip

  • Begin by cleaning your club, especially the grip area needs special attention.
  • Place the club shaft inside the vise and tighten it neither too firm nor too lightly, just enough to allow you to work on the grip without any problem.
  • Spread a rag or plastic sheet or paper on the floor, beneath the grip to keep the floor clean.
  • Use a knife to cut the existing grip lengthwise and peel it off the club.
  • Now, strip the grip tape that’s wrapped on the club.

Applying the new grip

  • With a clean cloth wipe the grip area to remove any dirt or gum from the club.
  • The first layer on top of the grip area must be a double-sided grip tape. This is available at any golf pro-shop or hardware store. Apply it tightly on the grip area.
  • Once that is cleanly done, spray grip solvent throughout the tape.
  • Now, pour some grip solvent into the new grip and ensure its well spread inside.
  • The solvent inside the grip and on the tape acts as a lubricant and glue. All you’ve to do now is to slide the new grip over the tape on the club. You must put the grip in place before the glue dries, so act quick. Align and insert the grip into the club. It’s done, let it dry for a full day.


Since you’ll be using knife and solvents, to protect your hands wear gloves.

Don’t wait for wear and tear to appear before you re-grip the club. It’s generally agreed that the grip has to be changed every year. Even a slightly loose grip can affect your game, so make sure it’s changed regularly.

Best Golf Tips

Golf Is All About Strategy

Considering all aspects of a golf course you’ve never played before takes a bit of time. But you will reap the rewards of that effort during play. Your final score will surprise your opponents who thought they had one up on you because of their familiarity with the course. So take the time and do your homework. Making a habit of doing so will improve your game immensely. Golf is, after all, as much about strategy as it is about skill.

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